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The latest online casino website Various are trying to create as much variety as possible to bet. Causing the service of live roulette games in a variety of formats. What will there be? Let’s follow and watch.

  1. High Stakes Roulette : This is a live roulette game that is exclusively for high stakes players. There will be a minimum bet that is several times higher than that of regular roulette. But in the form of games, there will be luxury as well UFABET 
  2. Low Stakes Roulette : It is a live roulette game where you can bet small amounts. but has a relatively high payout rate Suitable for gamblers who are new to online roulette.
  3. European Roulette : It is a form of game. The most popular online roulette in the world. There are 37 number boxes in total, 18 red boxes and 18 black boxes, and numbers from 0 to 36.
  4. French Roulette : This is a form of online roulette that is similar to European Roulette, but with slightly different payout rates. and languages ​​on different screens will be french
  5. American Roulette : An online roulette game that will add one more extra slot, a single 00 (Double Zero) slot, can increase the percentage of getting the bet back from the original 94.7% to become 97.3%
  6. Speed ​​Roulette : It is a form of online roulette. That are available on the web A large number of direct online casinos are fast-playing, fast-ending versions. Yes, the spin time is only 25 seconds. But betting patterns and so on still the same.