Sweet Potatoes.

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Sweet potatoes are plants that have underground tubers. They have a sweet taste and colorful flesh depending on the species, such as orange, white, red, yellow, or purple. In sweet potatoes, there are enzymes that can convert starch into sugar. Sweet potatoes become sweeter when stored for a long time or when cooked. The most popular cooking methods are boiling, steaming, baking or frying.

Vitamin A plays an important role in health. Helps nourish eyesight and skin strengthen the immune system. Helps prevent illness from certain diseases and conditions. UFABET If your body lacks vitamin A, you may be at risk of suffering from dangerous illnesses. Potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A, especially yellow potatoes. Eating 100 grams provides adequate amounts of vitamin A that should be consumed per day.

From such information Therefore, there is experimental work that proves the effectiveness of consuming on vitamin A deficiency. The research results found that Eating and other foods high in vitamin A daily is beneficial for people at risk of vitamin A deficiency. Meanwhile, another study in children aged 5-10 years found that consuming orange-fleshed increased vitamin A levels in the body more than white-fleshed sweet potatoes.

From the said experimental results It can be concluded that consuming helps prevent vitamin A deficiency. Especially the orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. Moreover, Underdeveloped or developing countries may apply this effectiveness to solve food shortage problems. until citizens face malnutrition To alleviate and prevent further vitamin A deficiency. Because are high in vitamin A, they are cheap and easy to consume.