Norovirus And An Infection That Parents Should Be Aware.

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Norovirus is one of the viruses that are more common in children than adults. And it is dangerous to health. Because it can cause symptoms of acute diarrhea disease (Acute Gastroenteritis). Such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. 

Noroviruses are more contagious than thought. The more severe the symptoms of norovirus infection, the greater the risk of dehydration. This can be fatal later if not treated promptly. Parents should be informed about this virus infection for the safety of their children. 

How does norovirus spread?

Can spread from person to person through secretions such as saliva, vomit or  faeces. Children may be exposed to norovirus from being in close contact with a sick person or someone infected with the virus. 

It can also spread through eating or drinking contaminated food or drink. and touching a surface that already contains the virus, putting your hand in your mouth. The virus can live and spread on surfaces for 2–3 days UFABET

Although there is no vaccine to directly prevent norovirus infection. But parents should teach their children to always wash their hands clean. Especially before eating eat cooked food. Wash fresh fruits and vegetables before eating. Clean frequently touched surfaces. Do not share towels with others. and avoid exposing children to people who are sick or have symptoms infection. To reduce the risk of infection with norovirus as much as possible.