Nagelsmann warns Senegal to be mindful of Mane’s health.

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Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann has warned Senegal to focus on Sadio Mane’s health rather than football. After Aliou Cisse carried the 30-year-old striker to the World Cup final.

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann has warned Senegal that they should consider the health of their players more than football. After the Terenga Lions team carried Sadio Mane, who suffered a knee injury to the World Cup finals. According to a report from ‘Sky Germany’ on Friday. 

According to German journalist Christian Falk, Bayern Munich are unhappy with Senegal’s decision to bring Mane to the World Cup finals despite the 30-year-old suffering a knee injury. Violent from a 6-1 thrashing of Werder Bremen before Nagelsmann once again reminded him to think about the health of his players rather than football UFABET

‘Of course, Senegal wants him to play. But if he hurt He can’t play,’ said Nagelsmann. ‘Health is above football. That was the case for us and for everyone.’

‘We are following Sadio Mane’s case, we sent a doctor from the national team,’ said Senegal national team coach Aliou Cisse. ‘Yesterday he spent the day in Munich. and then went to check in Austria The good news today is no surgery. That’s very good news.’

‘Sadio Mane is a special player. We are following him hoping to improve in 1 or 2 weeks. As a rule I have the possibility to make changes (if Mane is unable to play). We are optimistic and will do everything possible to get him back’