Jordi Alba is happy playing in his third World Cup.

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Spain’s experienced left-back Jordi Alba is happy and proud to be involved in his third World Cup final. Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba the 33 year old has revealed. He is happy he is preparing for his third World Cup appearance after 2014 and 2018 after being sacked by Luis Enrique. Martinez called up 26 on Friday. According to reports from Marca 

‘I’m very happy because joining is not easy. And this will be my third World Cup. we have a good team A mix of experienced players and young players. UFABET I’m sure everything will go well.’

Alba further revealed that he had always dreamed of playing professional football. But never expected to be part of the World Cup finals 3 times. 

‘I dreamed of being a professional footballer. But I can’t imagine going to three World Cups, it looks very difficult,’ said the 33-year-old left-back.

Alba also spoke about the performances in recent major tournaments for the Spanish army. ‘We did very well in the last Euros. We made it to the semi-finals and we were eliminated. I think we were better than Italy in that game, after that we still had a great performance in the Nations League.’

Before mentioning the World Cup battle in Qatar that ‘We arrived at the in a good dynamic. Amazing group of players We have great communication with the technical staff and everyone in charge of the national team.’

‘Now we are a family. And this is very important in such competitions. I am sure we will go step by step. with earnest desire and we will succeed’