Gabi proud to follow in Messi and Pedri’s footsteps.

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Barcelona midfielder Gabi the 18 year old is proud of his personal achievements. After winning the 2022 Kopa Trophy and Golden Boy.

Barcelona midfielder Pablo Martin Paez Gabira Gabi the 18 year old has revealed. He is proud to win the Kopa Trophy and Golden Boy for 2022 following in the footsteps of Leonel Messi in 2005 and Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri last year. According to ‘Diario Sport’ on Friday. 

‘It’s a pride to receive these prestigious awards. that other great players have won throughout history. I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me get it. My teammates, trainers and especially my family.’

Barcelona midfielder told :

‘It’s a pride to go after Pedri and to get an award with Messi who is a great reference and for me the best players in history have been awarded it as well.’ UFABET

Gabi also praised Pedri, adding: ‘How can I tell you about Pedri, he’s a phenomenon that helped me a lot. And I am very grateful to him.’

The 18-year-old also spoke of the confidence Xavi Hernandez has given him. ‘Happy with the confidence that Xavi has given me. The trainer is always on top and I can learn a lot from him because he is one of the best midfielders in the world.’

Barcelona take a break to make way for the World Cup as La Liga leaders Although Azulgra are likely to be knocked out of the Champions League, Gavi insists his team’s commitment to competing in the remaining competitions this season. 

‘We have to turn our heads and head to the competition we are still in,’ said Gabi. ‘La Liga is very long and has a long way to go. But taking the lead during the World Cup break puts us at ease. And it inspires us to do what’s next.’

‘Barca always have to fight for the title. We are a very young team. But there is quality and players for it.’

Gabi also said of his game. ‘I try to be a complete footballer and do what the trainer asks. I always want to win and I try to give my best on the pitch for the team and for my teammates.’